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 ==== EarlyUpdate.UpdatePreloading  ==== ==== EarlyUpdate.UpdatePreloading  ====
 Handles all scene loading. See [[scenemanager|SceneManager]]. Handles all scene loading. See [[scenemanager|SceneManager]].
 +==== EarlyUpdate.UpdateInputManager  ====
 +"takes the data that platform specific code queried and transforms it to be directly consumable by the Input class. It does stuff like combine all controller inputs into gamepad 0, calculates axis weights according to what is specified in the input manager, etc. For the new input system, it dispatches those events to managed code." ((https://forum.unity.com/threads/time-deltatime-not-constant-vsync-camerafollow-and-jitter.430339/page-9#post-6402577))
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