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Every object in the Editor has a distinct GlobalObjectId. This is (effectively) the identifier Unity uses to hold references to other objects. It is guaranteed to be unique and stable between editor sessions.

GlobalObjectIds are not available at runtime. However, they are available in Play Mode in the editor. If you use these in play mode, keep in mind the notes on prefabs below.

Prefabs have two GlobalObjectIds

All notes below only apply to running the game in Play mode in the Editor.

When a scene is loaded in play mode, prefabs are unpacked 1) into standard game-objects. These gameobjects have a different GID than the original prefab. However the GID of the unpacked GameObjects is *still* unique and stable!

For example. You may have a prefab in the scene with GID:


after unpacking (either by scene load or using PrefabUtility), it will generate a GameObject with GID:


Note how the zero at the end of the second GID implies the object is no longer a prefab, which is correct. I call these two GlobalObjectIds the 'Prefab GlobalObjectId' and the 'Unpacked GlobalObjectId'.

Converting a Prefab Gid to an Unpacked Gid

You can convert between the two using the following formula:2)

(prefabGid.targetObjectId ^ prefabGid.targetPrefabId) & 0x7fffffffffffffff

private static GlobalObjectId ConvertPrefabGidToUnpackedGid(GlobalObjectId id)
            ulong fileId = (id.targetObjectId ^ id.targetPrefabId) & 0x7fffffffffffffff;
            bool success = GlobalObjectId.TryParse(
                out GlobalObjectId unpackedGid);
            return unpackedGid;
I've seen this mentioned in the profiler as Prefabs.MergePrefabs, during scenemanager scene loads.
Source: https://forum.unity.com/threads/how-is-fileid-generated-for-m_correspondingsourceobject.726704/#post-4851011 This is for a slightly different situation, but I have found that the same formula applies to unpacking prefabs
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