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-===== Bug: GlobalObjectIdentifiersToObjectsSlow ===== +===== Bug: Querying deleted objects ===== 
-Sometimes ''GlobalObjectId.GlobalObjectIdentifiersToObjectsSlow'' will return incorrect objects. For example, in this casewhen passed an array of only scene objects((All GIDs from a scene object have a 1 at the front)): +When calling ''GlobalObjectId.GlobalObjectIdentifiersToObjectsSlow'' with a GlobalObjectId that was assigned to a now-deleted object, the Object returned will sometimes be a validarbitrary Object in the projectrather than the correct value of ''null''.
-{{ ::is0bzbpnb6.png?direct |}}+
-The function will return non-scene objects (the shader editor asset at 205). +For example, in this case, when passed an array of only scene objects: 
-{{ :is0bzbpnb6.png?direct |}}+{{ :hdmvjaumtf.png?direct&400 |}} 
 +The function will return non-scene objects (the shader editor asset at 205).  
 +{{ :is0bzbpnb6.png?direct&400 |}} 
 +This seems to be a bug. The correct result should have been ''null'', because that GID was deleted. 
 +I have had some luck <sup>[//[[:wiki:tag:dark-magic|dark magic]]//]</sup> querying these 'bad' GIDs individually with ''GlobalObjectIdentifierToObjectSlow''. This seems to properly return null in certain cases. This does not cure all cases, however((Luckily, there was only a small set of objects that were valid to be stored by my GIDs, and so I could discard any GIDs resolving to the wrong type.)). 
 +Update: This is fixed in 2021.1 [[https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues/globalobjectidglobalobjectidentifierstoobjectsslow-sometimes-returns-a-random-existing-gameobject|bug tracker]].
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