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Lighting Data Asset

aka Lightmapping.lightingDataAsset

This asset stores data related to a lightmapping bake. This includes:

  • The Light Probes for all scenes
  • Lightmap Scale and Transform for MeshRenderers

Just after a scene loads, Unity will read this data asset and apply the settings from it to restore the lightmapping. This happens in the player and at runtime.

This data is also read while computing Renderer Batching. It bakes the scales and transforms of MeshRenderers set in this file into the CombinedMesh of the static batch.1)


This asset is a standard Unity object. The format and data layout can be found via reflection of serialized properties.

The community com.newblood.lightdata package can be used to edit these assets, and contains the most up-to-date data format.

This means that if you don't have a lightingData asset set in a scene, the lightmap UV coordinates of static batching is calculated incorrectly!
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