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Contributor Guide

Thanks for the interest in contributing to the Uninomicon! Please read this page before adding information.

Mission Statement: The #1 risk to the Uninomicon is information becoming stale. Because of this, strive to write pages that are concise. Short text is vastly easier to update. Favor lists rather than paragraphs when possible. Write like Wikipedia, not like a blog post.

What information should be here?

  1. This wiki is not a replacement for the Unity Docs. If a fact exists on the Unity Docs, it should not be on the Uninomicon.
  2. Pages should contain short-form information1). Use the fewest words you can to convey the point.
  3. Do not post long-form guides and tutorials. Instead, post these guides on a blog, and then create a link from the Uninomicon2).
  4. Favor facts and observations over tips and suggestions. 3)

Leave the Uninomicon cleaner than you found it!

  1. Follow the style of other pages! Use footnotes, headers, bullet points, and fold-outs. 4)
  2. Take a moment to tidy up the rest of the page, even if you're not editing the other sections.

Thanks for reading! I manually review every change, so following these rules helps avoid extra work. If you're not sure about any of the above rules, don't hesitate to reach out to John Austin on Twitter.

lists, short paragraphs, etc
Long form text is a *big* maintenance burden, but it is easy to remove a link when it becomes out of date
'Cookbook' style references are great, but become stale quickly as times change. The Unity Community Wiki is a better place for cook-book style recipes.
Uninomicon does not use markdown, it uses a DokuWiki format. See the Syntax guide.
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