Documenting the dark corners of the Unity Engine.

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The Uninomicon

Documented here are the dark, scientific secrets of the Unity Engine.

Unity is a very complex beast, and much of its behavior is undocumented. While this is often for good reason1), many of us still find ourselves doing research into the precise operation of Unity APIs.

This wiki is a place for that research. It's a place you can look before you start your dive into the engine's internals. Hopefully, if we work together, it will save some of us a trip.

Usage Tips:

  • Most pages are named after their Unity C# counter-parts.2)
  • You can subscribe to a page to receive email updates.3)
  • This wiki documents unstable features. “Here be dragons”


To encourage contribution, pages can be edited anonymously: just click on the buttons on the right-hand side of the page4). When contributing, please read the Contributor Guide, so that I don't have to edit your submission.

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too unstable, too experimental, private interfaces, etc
ie. If you want to know how Unity handles scene loading, go to SceneManager
note: you'll need an account
note: the home page cannot be edited
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